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Beyond the Boardroom

A Masterclass on Effective Leadership

About the conference

The “Beyond the Boardroom: A Masterclass on Effective Leadership” is a dynamic and interactive learning event designed to provide participants with insights into the essential principles and practices of leadership that extend beyond traditional boardroom settings.

Led by Dr. Peter Crow, a renowned expert in leadership development, this masterclass will delve into the core aspects of effective leadership, emphasizing the skills and qualities required to excel in various leadership roles.

Participants to the masterclass will delve into the intricacies of corporate governance and develop the skills and knowledge required to become proficient boardroom leaders. The masterclass will equip attendees with the tools and strategies necessary to make informed decisions, navigate complexities, and drive their organizations towards sustainable success.

Areas of Discussion

Modern Governance Principles

  • Review the Purpose and Function of the Board
  • Director Responsibilities and Duties

Boardroom Powerplay

  • Positive boardroom etiquette/dynamics Board–CEO relationship
  • Dealing with ineffective or difficult directors/chair

Getting Things Done

  • Decision-making practices
  • Monitoring and verifying performance

Shareholders and Stakeholders

  • Corporate reporting
  • Sustainability | ESG
  • Balancing competing interests

Overseeing Change

  • Detecting weak signals & trend
  • Dealing with crises & unexpected events
  • Refining strategy; risk management

Assertiveness Effectiveness

  • Board and director evaluations
  • Assessing governance framework
  • Overall board effectiveness

Why You Should Attend

  • Expert Guidance: Dr. Peter Crow is a renowned expert in leadership development with a wealth of knowledge and experience to share. Attending his masterclass provides a unique opportunity to learn directly from a respected authority i the field.

  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with like-minded professionals attending the masterclass, expanding your network and creating potential collaborations in the future.

  • Career Advancement: Enhancing your leadership skills can open doors to new career opportunities and positions of greater responsibility.

  • Stay Relevant: In the rapidly changing business landscape, staying updated with the latest leadership techniques is crucial to remain relevant and competitive.

  • Inspiration and Motivation: Engaging with Dr. Crow’s teachings and interacting with fellow participants can reignite your passion for leadership and motivate you to excel in your role.

  • Endorsement of Excellence: Participating in a masterclass led by Dr. Peter Crow adds credibility to your leadership skills and demonstrates your commitment to continuous improvement.

Dr Peter Crow is a company director, advisor, and speaker with specialist expertise in corporate governance, strategy and board craft, and an extensive international record helping boards realize organizational potential. He has served on the boards of over twenty private and family companies and has an extensive global record advising and educating boards, speaking and writing on governance topics, and board research.

Peter holds a doctorate in corporate governance and strategy, a first in technology and management, and memberships in several international institutions including the Global Peter Drucker Society and the International Corporate Governance Network.

For more information, please contact Joy Kakai on email or call on 0729-092-687

Dr. Peter Crow

Tue, Dec 5th 2023 - Wed, Dec 6th 2023
Sopa Lodge Naivasha
Physical address

All Africa Conference of Churches
Waiyaki Way Westlands
P.O. Box 13490 - 00800
Nairobi Kenya

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